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Follow your soul and Trust your spirit!

What you should know!

 Hey there, welcome to my website! Here is a little bit about me and why I started this business. My life experiences have inspired me to help others in any way I can. When I was younger I would have experiences that were hard to explain. I would get premonitions of things happening before they did, or see shadows in the corner of my eye and having a knowingness of a spirit being there while being able to describe details about them. Over the past few years, I have connected hundreds of people to their loved ones in spirit as a medium and have fallen in love with what I do. Having experienced grief, it inspired me to learn more about the grieving process and the end of life by exploring my mediumship abilities and becoming a certified End-of-life Doula with the University of Vermont. I also became certified as a breath coach after exploring many forms of healing for my own chronic illnesses. Breathwork became a practice that I couldn’t stop doing. I have seen benefits in my life and health using practical, safe, and science-based breathing exercises over time. As a certified breath coach, I hope to bring these same practices to you.

I believe there should be a healthy balance between spiritual and life experiences. As a medium, I am a skeptic of many things. We need healthy skeptisism, and should always be open minded to what is out there, without completely disregarding the more practical parts of life to follow a possibly unhealthy path. In my work I balance both spirituality, and practical science-based practices to give the best possible results, and have a better quality of life. Services like mediumship and Breathwork are not substitutes for seeing a therapist or doctor. These services are just peices to the puzzle and should not be used alone to fix or heal deeper wounds or struggles.

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Ever since I was little I would experience having ​premonitions, knowing things would happen before they did. I had a strong intuition growing up, one that eventually led me to hearing and seeing things other people couldn't. For three years I have connected hundreds of people to their loved ones in spirit, and have since fallen in love with mediumship and the healing it provides to others. 

EOL Doula

Mediumship has inspired my journey as a doula. Having experienced grief in my own life and connecting to the spirit world, my mission has expanded. Death Is a natural process that we will all experience in our lives. As a doula, It is my job to be there to support you and your families needs in any way I can, and provide to you the connections you may need to be as comfortable and as stress free as you can during the process. Through my certifications, I am trauma informed and have a deep understanding of the grieving process. 


For the past few years of my life, I have been dealing with the affects of chronic Lyme Disease and a chronic mycotoxin infection. Both of these illnesses affect how my autonomic nervous system functions. Breathwork is the best practice for balancing the nervous system and promoting your bodies natural rhythm of healing. The breathwork exercises we use are practical and science-based methods that have been proven to: improve energy, promote better sleep, balance, improved digestion, relaxation, and overall quality of life. 

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I have had three readings with Terra and they were all amazing! The first reading I had with her was back in August 2022 and it was a reading very much needed. I was a little nervous because I‘ve had an unfulfilling experience with another psychic in the past ( they stated things that didn’t quite match up with my life). But after introductions with Terra and me just simply saying I would like to know about such and such topic she blew my mind. Terra went on to say everything I had been feeling and some decisions I have been facing for quite a while. If you can only imagine my face in disbelief and shock when she was saying everything going on in my life to a T. And after me explaining the topic in further detail she was able to give me more insight. In this topic I had to come to a decision and she was so helpful to give me the outcomes of which ever path I chose. At this point shes taking in messages and seeing what else is there to tell me. Then without me saying anything or having this thought in my mind she brought up a possible love interest!! I had a feeling about who she was talking about but was skeptical about my own thoughts. I had been having dreams about a guy I’m interested in but took those feelings with a grain of salt. I came to the realization of liking him when I was mentally unwell and didn’t want to feed possible delusions in my head. And at this point I still hadn’t said anything and she finally makes eye contact with me and says have you been having dreams. These were my facial expressions when she said that 😳🤯. And then she went on to say more things that confirmed it was the guy I am interested in!! I barely even spoke after that because I never said anything to anyone about this person. And she did confirm my dreams were signs after I explained how my feelings for this person came about. After a reading with Terra it left me with weight lifted off my shoulders and all those covid years filled with confusion… just gone. I’m so thankful for Terra, her gifts, and spirit for guiding me. I feel like I can see straight again after years of being lost, confused and stressed. 🌻


I had a reading with Terra a few weeks ago and she hit every single item on the nail and was so correct about a few situations that were coming up. She really helped me feel at ease and comfortable with my reading and the future relationship items coming my way and I am so so grateful to have had the reading with her at the time I did!

Thanks Terra!



"At the end of the day, I'm at peace because my intentions are good and my heart is pure"


Sand Dunes

" I loved and appreciated the reading I got from Terra. She was specific with the details about my grandma. She even mentioned an inside joke no one would have known. The message she brought through healed I have had for 11 years. Forever grateful for this experience. Thank you Terra!

Flower Shadow

" Terra is an exceptional medium who perceives the spirit world with clarity and precision. She has a kind, gentle manner which put me at ease. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to connect with their loved ones who have passed

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