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Follow your soul and Trust your spirit!

About me!

Hey there! My name is Terra Elizabeth and I am an evidential medium and my goal through my work is to bring practicality to spirituality. Mediumship has been a huge part of my life and I have learned so much from my experiences connecting people to their loved ones in spirit. I truly believe we are all connected and have the ability to live our lives with the awareness we are not alone and know there is magic in our lives if you can be present and open to experiencing it.



Breath is how we can learn to understand the inner workings of our bodies. Breath holds the power to balance the nervous system and help with the bodies natural healing process. 


Intention in our every day lives is what helps us to take control of our lives. When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we do is going to determine how the rest of the day goes. Set goals and act on them intentionally. Life doesn't have to be a mindless cycle of living, make everything you do intentional and see the benefits manifest.


We are all connected and the spirit world is not that separate from us. Your loved ones in spirit are still with you and are always wanting to communicate. Mediumship is what helps us to connect with our loved ones and receive guidance and evidential information that can be validated to guide you in your healing and grief process.

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"At the end of the day, I'm at peace because my intentions are good and my heart is pure"


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