1:1 Services

Welcome to my 1:1 services page of psychic guidance, healing and mediumship! this is where your journey begins! 1:1 Breath Coaching is NOW available! 





In a mediumship session, I bring through Evidential information from your loved ones in spirit as well as messages and guidance they have for you! Your loved ones love and care about you, and are truly always with you! This appointment will happen over a 30 minute zoom call. 


Psychic Reading

In this session you will receive psychic insights and guidance from the spirit world. In this 30 minute zoom session I will use my tarot cards and my intuition to receive information and guidance for your growth and any questions you have.


Reiki Healing

In this 45 minute session, you will get a full body healing. I will use reiki energy to tune into different areas of your body, connecting to your chakras, clearing blockages, dis-eases in the body, trauma, and re-balance the nervous system. (Please note, Reiki is not used as a treatment for any illness. If you have any serious health concerns you should seek advice from a doctor)


Mini Psychic Reading

This is a 20 minute reading for quick guidance and answers from spirit and my intuition. If you have one question you would like to be answered, this is the perfect reading to help guide you through this situation, and provide any clarity that is needed to move forward. 


1:1 Breath Coaching!

These scheduled 1:1 sessions will last over the course of 4 weeks, to learn and practice the power of breath for balancing the nervous system! We will work together on your goals for your health whether that be, needing more energy, needing breathing exercise for better night sleep, or using breath to reduce stress and anxiety. This is a Free Discovery call that will help me to understand if we can work together based on your goals!

Let's Work Together