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Breathing is something we do every day, but so many people aren't aware of how their breathing habits are affecting their every day life.  By learning to recognize these breathing habits, we are able to have a deeper understanding of how our bodies are reacting to them. Breathwork can help in many areas in our lives, as the purpose of Breathwork is to help balance the nervous system!

Image by Jared Rice

My Story

A year ago I got my certification in Reiki energy healing. This helped me learn how energy in our bodies and in our surroundings affect our day to day lives. Everything we do in our lives takes up energy and I learned the importance of balance in our nervous systems. For the past few years I have been healing from a chronic illness caused by toxic mold. This deeply affects the way my nervous system functions. This lead me down a path of wanting to learn more about the autonomic nervous system and how breath could be a helpful tool for balancing it. 

I will always use science based teaching, and through our sessions we will work closely together on your specific goals for healing or balancing using breathing practices!

Breath Work helps with:

  • Reducing stress

  • Boost Digestion

  • balance your energy

  • Better Sleep

           and more..

To work 1:1 with me, you will first need to book a Discovery Session!

This is a 20 minute session where we get to know each other, assess your goals, and practice some breathing together! Through this call, we will see if working together is a good fit for both of us!

( Currently only online zoom sessions are available )

I can't wait to start working with you!

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