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Why Choose BreathWork?

Think about your daily habits and routines and how they might be affecting your nervous system. Your Autonomic nervous system controls every function in your body that you consciously have no control over, like heart rate, blood pressure and digestion. Well what if I told you that breathing was a part of your autonomic nervous system? This means that you can use your breath to intentionally work with your bodies natural processes. Using BreathWork will help you to balance your nervous system as well as improve your bodies immune system, preventing illness, diseases and strengthens your bodies natural ability to heal.


Meditation is a lot like breathwork and can be used as a tool with your breathwork practice, in our sessions we will talk about the benefits of both. Both meditation and breathwork are practices that require repetition, much like exercising in the gym. In order to maintain your strength, you must continue to follow practices and routines that keep you strong and healthy. Breathwork is a practice that you can feel the benefits from immediately after your first session, where meditation practices alone will take practice and patience and most people give up before seeing the results of meditation. This is why breathwork and meditation go hand in hand and should be practiced together for immediate results.

You might be someone to choose breathwork if you are constantly under stress in your day to day life. You may choose breathwork because you have an autoimmune condition that affects your nervous system all together. You may choose breathwork if you are having trouble sleeping at night, or if you struggle to maintain energy throughout the day. You may even choose breathwork to commit to an intentional practice that will keep you spiritually, emotionally, and physically balanced and at peace. Everyone  WILL benefit from practicing breathwork. 


I will always use science based teaching, and through our sessions we will work closely together on your specific goals for healing or balancing using breathing practices! These practices will have real, immediate results! We will focus on what is right for your body and lifestyle that will be practical for all areas of your life.

Breath Work helps with:

  • Reducing stress

  • Boost Digestion

  • balance your energy

  • Better Sleep

  • Mindful living

  • clear mindset

                   and more.......

BreathWork Service Page:

I can't wait to start working with you!

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