Reiki Healing

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Reiki Healing is a natural way of healing different aspects of your self. Reiki meaning rei: Universal, and ki: Life force energy! Energy healing can be looked at as a woo-woo practice, but it is actually way more practical than most think. We use and feel energy every day, the practice of reiki just focuses that energy in a way that can be used for healing or receiving clarity, which is something we are ALL capable of receiving. The energy is all around us, why not learn to understand and use this energy for our benefit.

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My Story

As an evidential medium, I found energy fascinating. I needed to learn more about how it works and how to use energy to help myself and others. I learned along the journey that we can transmute energy and understand the purpose of the energy we feel. Our thoughts and emotions are energy that we don't always know how to navigate, that is where reiki can help. 



The purpose of a reiki healing session isn't for me to heal you, its to help you to heal your self. I never claim to heal anyone. Its also important to keep in mind, that reiki is NOT a cure for any dis-eases or serious health conditions.

The Session lasts for 1 hour. 45 minutes into your session we will come back and I will pull final energy cards and will talk about everything I felt in your energy field, and what I worked on. I will use 7 crystals to represent your chakras, and write down all important information I receive throughout the reading. 

If you don't like having your zoom camera on during the healing, you are allowed to turn it off!

Don't worry about writing It all down, I will send you an email after the session with everything we talked about after your healing.


You can also book a 1 month healing package, which would include:

  • 4 sessions in total

  • Working on your personal goals

  • Energy Healing techniques to continue your healing at home.

  • Each session includes reiki healing!

You will first need to book a free  20 minute discovery call to see if we are a good fit! Book session below:

Total price for 4 sessions:


I can't wait to connect with you!