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BreathWork Services

The services for breathwork I am currently offering are Breathing for Healing and BreathWork for Grief and Processing. Breathing for Healing will focus on the functions of the nervous system to boost your immunity. BreathWork for Grief and Processing is for those who have experienced grief or a loss of any kind . We approach these sessions with compassion and care, allowing the space to process through your breath.


Breathing For Healing

My own chronic illnesses are what inspired these sessions. Our bodies are capable of so much, and with some love, care, and intention, we can heal. Allow breathwork to become the practice that keeps you going to have a better quality of life, living in harmony with your body and breath.

Coming Soon...

BreathWork for Grief and Processing

Experiencing greif or loss of any kind can be challenging and hard to navigate. Allow me to guide you through breathing practices to calm your wondering thoughts and process any emotions you may feel along the way.

Coming Soon...

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