August Energy Reading 2022 and spirit messages!

Welcome to this Augusts energy and spirt reading! First I will give a small overview of how my process works while connecting to the energy of this coming month! I use cards to help me connect with the energy with the intention of receiving important Information for those who read this post! I also connect to spirit and my intuition to tune into any main themes or messages that need to be heard. Keep in mind, this is a general reading of the energy in August, so do with the information as you will, and remember you create your experience here on Earth! This post is simply a guide to help you along the way with intuitive info you can take with you this August!

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Card deck used: Daily Rituals Oracle by Jackie Morgan.

Theme One: Manifesting!

The month of August holds an abundance of opportunities for manifesting your desires! There is one major misconception when it comes to manifesting, and that is the belief we don't need to work for what we want to achieve. That is an extremely unrealistic belief. August is a month that feels open and ready for us to make decisions and follow opportunity that's presented to us. The energy in August is moving quickly, meaning we will have more energy and inspired feelings and thoughts related to achieving our goals. Some of you reading this may be in the beginning stages of finding your purpose or creating something and becoming inspired. Some of you may be receiving blessings and seeing change in your physical world after putting in the work and planting the seeds in the months of June and July. Overall, just know that any times of confusion or rest in the past are about to to turn to clarity and action.

The message that comes with this theme in August is to trust that what you want is flowing to you now. Everything you have worked towards is manifesting behind the scenes, and you should get ready to accept these changes and blessings. Be ready to receive!

Card deck used: Cat Tarot Illustrated by Megan Lynn Kott

Theme Two: Accept Change and Opportunity

The 6 of wands indicates that you have grown so much in the past few months, and your passions and desires are well deserved. Be open to them as they come into your life. Every step is a big step towards success. In August, you just have to be receptive to this change. If you've been working towards something and haven't been seeing results of your actions, they will come into fruition in August. You will see the progress you've made to lead you to where you are now. August will be a time of movement and growth for you.

The Fool indicates that in August, you should remain optimistic about your journey ahead. Don't listen to anyones negativity towards you or your passions. Be confident in yourself and your decisions moving forward. Become curious in August and let this curiosity guide you. It's possible some of you may be expanding on a certain area in your life. You could be taking classes or expanding your horizons by meeting new people or connecting with a community who shares your passions or beliefs. August represents a new cycle beginning, and this new cycle is in your hands! What happens in August is completely up to you. Remain positive and optimistic, and you will see shifts happen right in front of your eyes.

Card deck used: Moonology Oracle cards by Yasmin Boland

Loving Guidance!

New Moon in Gemini: The key message here is "Communication is key". Some info I picked up on when pulling this card was, to be gentle on yourself and others. Sometimes we can get into a place of feeling overwhelmed and lost. If there is a lot going on, it can be easy to move away from a mindful state when constantly moving and working. When we get into this state, its possible we brush off other people and brush off our needs in the moment and forget to take care of ourselves. It's important that even in a state of being inspired and moving forward with this energy, we must remember to take time for our families and friends. If any conflicts arrises, it's normal to be upset and want to lash out at someone, especially with this fast energy in August. Speaking our minds may become easier and because of this we may forget to think before speaking. This is your reminder to stay calm and mindful in August!

South Node: The South Node is a beautiful reminder to not let your past hold you back. Events of the past will affect the future. Where you were once has lead you to where you are now. Reflection may be important to recognize what you've gone through and what lessons you've learned. One message I picked up on: Sometimes we miss the old us. The life we once lived and friends we once had. But there is one major truth that will never change; Everyone moves on and goes on their own path eventually. We must become comfortable in this change as well. Sometimes, people leave our lives because we need to grow through something in that moment. Sometimes we don't realize that the changes in our lives are actually blessings for the future. If you can look back on the past and accept it as it was, it is a truly powerful feeling. Yes, it was fun, it was exciting, there were ups and downs, it was an adventure, but now you can begin a new one! I am routing for you!

Extra Info:

I am no astrologer, BUT right now there are some themes that completely match up with the energy I have been feeling for August. On the 28th, we had a Leo New Moon. New moons are a perfect time symbolically for new beginnings and manifesting your desires. As the moon moves to its Full position, we can set intentions that will help guide us through this stage in our lives. Whatever it is you are manifesting, YOU have the power to make it happen. The Leo New Moon held a very passionate energy, much like the energy I felt in this reading today. This energy opens doors for us to create our dream lives. This energy could also represent romantic passion for some people, making current relationships stronger and making new relationships begin.

Key Themes for August 2022

The perfect time to manifest all that you desire. Become inspired and move forward with confidence. Remain mindful and open, and be ready to receive your blessings. Take time for yourself and spend quality time with friends and family building stronger bonds. Take a new course, explore your ideas, become optimistic about the future. Be open to passionate energy in all areas, business, relationships, hobbies... Stay in your power and don't let negativity influence your actions.

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